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Some of our "Police Shadow Box Projects" are shown below.
You can get ideas for your project by looking through the images.
Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or comments!

Check out our "SHADOW BOX CHECKLIST" for things you may have forgotten to include!
(800) 639-3726 - (800) New-Frame

All of our pricing is dictated by size and presentation options.
You can see our pricing page to get an exact cost for your project, or call us for a quote.
To give you an idea, an "average size" presentation shown below is approximately 30" X 36".
This size presentation would cost between $450 & $680 depending on presentation options.
This includes design and installation of all parts.  Packing and shipping are additional.
Our products have no equal, are "GUARANTEED FOREVER PERIOD" and our pricing is
comparable to those offering much less (or no) quality.

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San Diego PD Section here                      






Feliciano - LAPD  Williiams / South Gate PD
                                                                                             South Gate PD Section here



Meza / Pasadena PD
  S. Davis / Irvine PD    Bush / Placentia PD

  Vargas - LAPD  

Baray / Long Beach PD / click to enlarge
Long Beach PD     Chief's Section

Richard Duran / LAPD Ret.

Larger Image Here
Bill & Shelley Baxter you guys are the Best.
I brought in a bunch of stuff in a box and you helped
me put them in not only a beautifull shadow box but a hole lot
of great memories. It is on the wall in my family room and everyone that sees it says how awsome it is.

I am going to a reunion for the Costa
 Mesa Police Dept. in March 2014 and I would like to take
 about 20 catalogs with me and share them with my
Law Enforcement buddies.

NOTE:  Bechtel was the first person to ever use
an actual helicopter part in their shadowbox.
click on image to enlarge

Derousse - Santa Fe Springs

Haaland - NYPD
Thanks. It arrived safe, sound and undamaged. 100% satisfaction - it looks great!!! I haven't presented it to her yet - waiting for her birthday party in July. She's absolutely going to love it. Thanks again, Eric Haaland
Bill, I presented it to my wife today on her birthday. It stunned her and it was a complete surprise.. She will cherish this for the rest of her life. Thank you very much. Eric Haaland
Police Shadowbox "First of all, thank you soooo much for completing this for Joe and I. I know there was a time crunch and you made it work. I got the box on Friday morning. We presented to Joe on Sat the 12th in front of about 100 people at an awards dinner. Joe and the piece got a standing ovation and tears were flowing freely. I heard numerous comments about the shadow box being the best one anybody had ever seen. Several people asked about your company and I passed on your E-mail to several people and raved about you. Again, Thank you for everything. The shadow box will be in Joe's heart and his family's history for a very long time. Thank you Bill!!!!!!!!."   Marc LaPlante
Police Shadowbox - Franco - UCPD

First I want to thank you for the terrific work you did on Carlos Franco’s shadowbox.  I know we put you on the spot with the amount of notice we gave you for the project but you definitely rose to the occasion and came through for us.  I’d have to say that your shadowbox was probably one of the most impressive moments of the night.  Carlos lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw that shadowbox.  Your work was impeccable and every member of our department marveled at it including our current and former Chief’s of Police.  More than anything though was that receiving this gift made Carlos’ night and really showed what an impressive career he has had with our department.  Thank you again from all of us here at UCPD.  Sincerely, Karen Gentilucci..

police shadowbox -

                      Cypress - Parker
"On behalf of the men and women of the Cypress Police Officers Association, I would like to thank you for the design and building of Mark Parker's shadowbox.  Without any design direction from us, you were able to accurately and beautifully
lay out Marks 27 plus year career of service to his country and community.  We appreciate all your efforts."
Michael Wintersole - President, Cypress Police Officers Association
Shadowbox - Mt.

                      Olive Twnshp. - MARTINI
DAMN...   that is even better than I expected.  I am sure he will be very surprised as will everyone else when they see how this turned out.  Best part Mark knows we are doing something with his stuff but does not know what. ....wow!
I saw your samples at the FOP conference and was very impressed...this is over the top.  Thanks!!!!!!
Joe Abrusci - Mt Olive Township PD
Badge Shadowbox

Bill, my shadow box was delivered today and it looks great!  You guys did an incredible job on it and it was well worth the wait.  I tried to picture what it would look like during our initial discussions and layout but when I finally opened the box, I was surprised – well beyond my expectations.  Brings back 31 years of treasured memories as I look at it and send you this email.   By the way, your packing was bulletproof – took me about 5 minutes to open the box and get through all the inside packing.  Thanks for doing such a great job on it.  John DeRohan

Uniform Shadowbox Bill! It is stunning!
We will send you some pics and would love to see it on your website!
Thanks soooo much! It's perfect.
Kathi Flanders / Dayton, OH.

Hamilton / LAPD
This piece features a career shadowbox from a Mounted Officer.
Box includes spurs tie-off and a L O N G baton used while on the horse.      Click to enlarge


larger image here

Aninag - Irvine PD
Larger image here

Sullivan - South Gate PD
larger image here    South Gate Section here

Hunter / Anaheim PD
larger image here

Collie Provence -

larger image here 

Roupoli - LAPD Deputy Chief
larger image here

Noble - Irvine
larger image here

larger image here

CONGRATULATIONS MIKE !!!!  GGPD   click to enlarge...
Mike Handfiled -


LAPD - Romero

Stafford - Long Beach PD

Wong - Cypress PD

Newport Beach PD

Smart - Mammoth Lakes PD
See larger image here...
Bill -- I can't thank you and your crew enough for the awesome piece of artwork you created from the bits
and pieces of my 25 1/2 years with Mammoth Lakes PD. My career now looks way better than it actually was!
 I am telling EVERYONE about your company. I hope you get some additional business, as everyone who has seen it thus far
has been mightily impressed. Please thank Sarah and anyone else who worked on the box for the hard work
and artistic vision.  My family will treasure it forever, and I was honored to see it on your website. Karen

Lori Fishburn - Monterey Park PD
see larger image here

Janet Penna - LAPD
see larger image here

James Collins - SDPD

Rich Williaoms - El Monte PD
Rich Williams has been a key player in the success of Badge Frame for a number of years.
He has sparked many ideas for new items and has been a great liaison

between Badge Frame and El Monte PD. 

Quach - lbpd

Graff - LAPD
see larger image here

  Steve Porter - South Gate PD and Murrieta

see larger image here...

See larger image here...

MIke Prodidente - El Monte PD

Haaland - NYPD
See larger image here...

Sanchez & Bernal - LAPD

Carraway - UTICA PD - New York
see larger image here

click to enlarge

Carrillo - LPAD 

Brian Pon Eimen Rivas - LAPD

Packer - LAPD  Dormane - Ontario  PD      Barajas - Bell Gardens

Click on images to enlarge...

bauers lapd
Salinas - Monterey Park PD Cobb - Long Beach
DeSha -

Dunklee -

                Princ George's County PD
Gorhan -

                Mammoth Lakes PD

                mAMMOTH lAKES pd
Esteves - Downey PD

                - LAPD Fleming - LAPD Smith - Arcadia PD
Caldwell -

                Newport Beach

                - Long Beach PD
Arcala - Long Beach PD
Madara -

                Saddle River PD
Beth Hicks

                - LAPD
Galliher -

                Tustin PD
Orona -

                Orange PD
Provence -

                Santa Ana PD
Kennerson - LAPD
Roth - LAPD
Chevolek - LAPD
Rakitis -

Calia -

                Pittsburg PD Sullivan - LAPD

Velasquez - LPD
Wolfe -

                City of Fairfax PD
Frank Lavigne - South Gate PD & Murrieta PD
Pinarelli - San Diego PD
Hartford - Newport

                Beach PD

Stalker -

                LAPD Navarro -

                LPAD Pepper Rivera

                - LADP Davenport - Murrieta PD
Hatfield - LBPD

Bianchi - Irvine PD

colbert - Long Beach PD
Jones - Inglewood

                School PD
Long beach PD
Prostler - SBPD

Click on images to enlarge...
Badge Frame / LVPD Seaquist
                - LAPD
Escato -
                LAPD Meyer -
                Long Beach PD
Hopkins -
                El Monte PD

Leiker -
Colutta -
Haddad -
                Murrieta PD
Kepley -
                Cypess PD
Mark Hein -
                Tustin PD Nichols -

Depweg -
                LAPD Mike Hallinan - LAPD
Comparetto - LADP Shadowbox Kirby -
                Arcadia PD Police Shadowbox -LAPD - Carter Hunt - LAPD
Police -
                SWAT Shadowbax
Battle - Long Beach PD Downs - Long Beach PD Hutchinson - GGPD
Turner- LAPD Badge Frame - Police Shadow Box - Richard Cook - La
                Habra PD Cook-La
                Habra PD
Quesada - Los Alamitos Cremins Badge Frame - Police Shadow Box - Ganley - Murrieta
                PD Gibbs -
                Irvine PD
Phillips Chief Schienle Burris - LAPD Beeler-Tustin PD
Short - Mammoth Lakes PD Sanders - GGPD Saldana -
LUX - GGPD Le Melle - LAPD Kirkland - El Cerrito NOCE - GGPD
Birotte Romo - LAPD GLASS - El Monte PD Bennett -
Ayala - LAPD Centanni - Santa Ana PD Fleming - Bronxville, NY LACOMBE -
                Glendora PD
Johnson - Long Beach PD Polliard - Orange PD Morrison - Long Beach PD
Ferguson - Oakland PD Black - Culver City PD
McCulloch - Downey PD Jacqueline Seabrooks - Santa Monica PD
                - El Segundo PD
DOUD - LAPD - PSR McNamara Steen - Santa Ana PD MOSHER - LAPD
McDonnell Malinka - LAPD Buck Rojas -
                Tustin PD
BigRigg - LAPD Zibli -
                  LPAD Lucas - General Services Matthews
                - LAPD
Halligan - GGPD Page Byrne - GGPD Hall
Ruiz Brown Eriksen Chief
Priebe LAPD Dedmon-LAPD Crager - Palm Springs DeWitt /
Jester - Hawthorne PD Policeman Garcia Kroesen Hartwell - Glendora PD
Cori Charles - LAPD Fletcher
Campos K9 Luna Chief
                Bratton - LAPD
Chief Moy - Monterey Park PD Pagano Curreri Henkle
Bauchman Washburn - LAPD WALCH -
Ortiz - Whittier PD Port Dominguez- General services
Burgess - Orange P.D. Stocks - Glendale PD Freedland - Irvine S.W.A.T.
Koven / LAPD Tom Ortiz - Montebello PD Mihalik -
                Irvine PD
Ellsworth - Garden Grove Berchem / LAPD Kriha- LAPD Gallardo
                - Garden Grove PD
Schultz - LAPD John D. Fletcher / LAPD - 35 years Prideaux - LAPD Jerry Head -
                Irvine PD
Prince - Garden Grove PD Murray - Garden Grove PD Jackie Gomez-Whiteley Couch -
                Monterey Park PD
Monterey Park PD Monterey Park PD - Hernandez Phil Holder - Banning PD Bailey -
                Garden Grove PD
Frank Graber / Fullerton PD Strock /
                Dixon, Il. Police Dept.
DeWitt / LAPD Zer Gonzales / LAPD Kies / La Habra PD Espinoza
                / LAPD
DeWitt / Business Card Frame Ames / Orange PD ElMonte Police Gollaz /
Hartwell - LAPD Hodges - LAPD Longacre Geggie /
Hearn /
                San Pablo P.D. Keefe -
                San Pablo PD Lewis -
                Oakland PD general
                  Services Police
DeCourdres / Lapd Franco /
                LAPD Ortiz Nalywaiko
macnamera MARSH / LAPD Jimmy Smith /
                LVMPD Gonzalez
LVMPD - Lozich Rico / LAPD Brennan / LAPD Franks
Cobb La Habra

Clark JohnReynaRuiz /GERVIAS / LAPDHaight / LAPD
PartridgeForman / LAPDBillBooker / LAPD
LemosWehage / LAPDHaro /Salazar / LAPD
Grayson - LAPDHolroydBadge Frame /

Baclit / Brea PDO'HanianAvilaVarner / LAPD
Badge Frame / LAPDBadge Frame /Romero / LAPD
CoblentzDavid Harris / LAPDBrian Penfold

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